Solder/Desoldering HDMI Ports

I have a fat PS3 with no working HDMI. I have a spare for-parts model to perform the repair, but the solder is not melting under any soldering iron, even at my highest temp setting and with flux applied. Any tips on how I can take this port off properly?

Just guessing but maybe one of those solder heat guns to heat the area with lots of flux applied.


Try a rework station mate that should do the trick but put flux on before using the heatgun

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:+1: I have an old 100 watt gun, its actually shaped like a gun, has an anode and cathode with a reverse U shape connected between the two nodes heats up almost red hot. I use for large ground to metal chassis situations.

Might work you’d need heat proof tape though to protect the other components it’s name is mentioned on the channel I can’t remember the name myself

It’s called kapton tape.


Really the best way to do this type of job is with a hot air rework station. It can be done with a high powered soldering iron but it sucks trying to do it that way.

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Hi Steve, this may be slightly off-topic but what do you use to desolder SMD parts? I couldn’t find the paste you use with the hot air gun in your videos.

Flux you can get it on ebay

I use a pretty thick paste flux. Here’s the Amazon affiliate link:

ah, just flux. ok, thank you.

Hey there,
Sorry to dig this up again. But, just as an information regarding the flux paste @tronicsfix is using:
I usually use the same flux. But, there is no company called “Nihon Kingbo Chemicals Material Co.Ltd.”. That flux usually is manufactured by chinese companies that put that label onto their syringes, pots or whatever you’re buying. Quality is not always the same. So make sure to always get it from the same source once you have found a version you like. That way you will likely always get the same stuff.
Just my two cents…