Soldering/Heat Gun

Quick questions, what temperature would you solder at for an HDMI Port and heat-gun temperature a Xbox Retimer IC? I’m outside of the US and if you could reply in Celsius that would be great!

I’m currently in lockdown and thought I would give this console fixing a bit of a go.


Solder iron i use it at 400C, but depends on which tecnology you are using, i’m using a hakko fx-951… and air temperature for ic i use 420C aprox… thats my setup but probably someone else could use a different one…

Awesome, thanks for you help. I’ve been practicing with different temperatures and seeing what is best on old motherboards. What size tip would you recommend heat gun? I’m currently using a 7mm.

i usually remove the tip when im working on a retimer chip, that makes it easier for me…