Sometimes won't wake up, sometimes fan turns on when off

This Switch is an odd one. All seems to work well, charges, fan comes on when playing games etc but sometimes (more often than not) after the screen has put itself to sleep, the power button won’t then wake it up.

The other issue is whenever it’s turned off, the fan “ticks” and sometimes (I guess if it’s warm enough?) the fan will turn on full blast until powered back on.

A bit of history:

When I got it the power button didn’t work at all and game cards didn’t read. It had some liquid ingress around the power button/fan FPC connectors (oddly seen this quite a lot) which I assume came from the card slot.

I’ve replaced the card slot board and fan from a parts console and replaced the 130k resistor which always seems to fail with a 100k I had on hand. Also bridged the trace that comes from the middle of the 140k and 150r resistors near the button FPC as it was rotten. All other traces and components here seem good.

This model does have a component populated directly in front of the fan FPC which my parts board doesn’t, looks like it may be a diode? It doesn’t look great but my DMM probes are far too big to get in there to diode test it. Nothing in that area looks short though.

For completeness I’ve also modded with picofly but these issues existed prior to this. Joycons also charge fine which I think rules out that common mosfet?

Any ideas would be appreciated, is the value of that 130k resistor that critical? The power button does seem to work just fine in all other situations, just not always when coming out of sleep.

A bit of extra info, if the console is docked it makes no difference. It won’t even charge, I assume as it’s actually crashed in sleep mode.

OFW, CFW, all does the same. I think it’s irrelevant anyway as it happened even before modding it. It’s a patched console too so wasn’t modded before I did.

It’s really bumming me out, any ideas?

Ok small update.

I’ve noticed when it’s plugged directly into the charger, it’ll happily come out of sleep mode no problem. It will for a while after too but once it doesn’t, that’s it. Back to sleep mode = hard reset to turn back on.

I did wonder if I could get the fans to stop going full blast when turned off at least and found someone else changed a tiny 9 pin IC (mosfet?) On the back of the motherboard, this did nothing for me.

I wonder now if it’s to do somehow with the charging circuitry.