Sony doesn't sell PS4 Slim internal power supply right?

Lightning fried my PS4 Slim’s INTERNAL Power Supply so I thought it will be cheaper if I replace it myself. But only now i found out that sony doesn’t sell parts so i’m forced to buy one from retailers who are not affiliated with sony.

How can I get original ps4 internal parts?

Then does this mean that technicians such as Tronicsfix use replica’s to replace products?

Sony doesn’t sell parts to anyone. ALL repair facilities that repair game consoles or most any other electronics can’t buy brand new OEM parts. The only way to buy original parts is to buy them used. There are a few parts that are reproduced in China that are brand new but that’s the only way to get anything brand new.

If you ever hear of people talk about the Right to Repair…this is why…so manufacturers will have to sell parts, schematics, etc. to other people.

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Your best bet is buying a psu off ebay from a verified seller they usually sell refurbished ones which are like new