Sony Playstation 3D Display Revisited

Brother gave me his old Sony Playstation 24" 3D display to fix. I has the classic twice blinking red light of death. I noticed that when removing the U4 eeprom (most probable cause) that the trace under pin 1 was broken. Unfortunately, its not clear as to which component this pin connects to. Does anyone know this? I’ve searched the internet and can’t find any info on this i.e. no schematic for the board. Thanks.

Can you post some pics up of the board and the area which is damaged, and also the part number for the EEPROM as the datasheet will likely shed some light on what/where pin 1 is connected, worse case if no one has one to verify the location I can give you an educated guess after directing you with your MM

Ok thanks. I will post pic and eeprom part number as soon as I can, probably tonight. Thanks for speedy reply :grin:

The eeprom number is MX25L6408E. The board number is 08E1-0DM7400. Unfortunately, looks like I can’t post a link to Dropbox pic on this forum (say I’m not allowed to post links). If you google board number, there are plenty of pics, the eeprom is on U4. Pin 1 is the one that is disconnected due to trace pad being broken.

If you just put xyz.image.c o m

All the pictures I can find are terrible and I need to see your board specifically of the damaged area.

I was hoping pin 1 would be Vin, but it’s CS, CS is driven high or low dependent on the mode of operation.

afaict looking at the low quality images online, it seems it’s going by way of a nearby resistor, which makes sense, I would imagine running a jumper from this pin to the resistor would solve your problems, but I would first put your meter in continuity and buzz this resistor out and see if it’s going to any other pin of the EEPROM first, if it doesn’t then chances are high it was going to your missing pad.

I suppose the EEPROM may be damagd or corrupt, or whatever drives this line high/low could be bad, but lets see, afterwards I’d also measure the voltage input at the EEPROM and ensure your getting 3.3V at pin 8

Thanks for the quick reply. I will follow your advice and check out those resistors. Thanks.