Spartan Locke and Master Chief Halo Xbox One Controllers

I have both of the halo controllers, and one has issues with the dpad (master chief version), while the other is suffering from issues with the left thumbstick and dpad. Was wondering if they are fixable and if maybe tronics would want to do a video on them/how much he would charge to fix them. (They’re my favorite controllers) They come from a bug and smoke free home with only 2 cats. I regularly clean the outside of the controllers with alcohol wipes to keep them sanitary (at least once a month). I’m not technically skilled or I’d attempt the repair myself.

I don’t think tronicsfix does any sort of repair work anymore. You could try emailing him about it, but I wouldn’t 100% count on it. Worst case scenario you would have to replace the internals of the controller

Aww, bummer. Yeah, the master chief one tends to double click the a button when typing and the spartan Locke is having trouble with the dpad and the left analog stick.

That could be due to the controller being dirty inside, you could try using isopropyl alcohol or contact cleaner on the inside if you are comfortable opening the controller

Not really comfortable disassembling controllers.