Spiderman edition PS4 slim stops outputting video after about 15 minutes

I was playing god of war on my PS4, and it just cut out, no picture but it was still on with the white light. I’ve tired it multiple times and when it hasn’t been on for while it works for approximately the same amount of time and then the same cut out happens. I don’t think it’s a universal overheating issue but it is a lot hotter over the heat sink and the ports at the back than the rest of the console. Any advice as to what might be causing it to cut out suddenly like that?

My guess would be the hdmi ic chip might have gotten a bit loose, you should get that checked

I took the cover off the disk drive, fan and heatsink and ran it and it did run for longer. However the motherboard underneath the power supply and heatsink seemed to be where the heat was extremely high, could it be a thermal paste issue or something like that as well or instead??

You can’t ever go wrong with swapping the thermal paste.

i guess hdmi ic chip could be not properly soldered and when the console heats up solder melts and lose connection… i’ve fixed a few consoles like that…