Spiderman limited edition ps4 pro won't turn on

Recently my ps4 pro has stopped powering on, I have everything protected via surge protector and what I first thought was the power cord itself went bad, it’s been storming a lot recently, However now I am convinced it is the power supply itself upon testing out different power cords. Any help would be appreciated.

Does it turn on then instantly off, or not turn on at all?

Doesn’t turn on at all

That’s most likely the power supply then, your best option is to replace the power supply and clean out the console while you have it open

I’m just unsure on what type of power supply this one has, as according to some businesses I reached out to, they have different one’s from the regular model ps4 pros which doesn’t make sense to me. But thank you for your input in this matter, hoping to get this resolved soon

The model number for the power supply you should be looking for is ADP-300CR