Spontanous Power Loss or Screen Freeze (especially at second boot logo) or 2101-0001

Battery charge/discharge performs as expected. But when running ofw or cfw, it either gets stucks at nintendo logo or boots successfully and then stalls, then blackscreen especially if no input has been made for a couple of seconds. Then restart, we get the error 2101-0001. Checked the M92T Pins with Diode Measurement (Red on GND, Black on Test Point), each Pin Value as expected (Note my multimeter does show an offset of the expected values,almost everywhere in the board, i have also exchanged the battery, just in case). Then i checked the BQ, and found one test point of cap showing a mismatch (red dot) to its neighbour. The offset by the multimeter is about 0.1 but in that case, afaik the two caps on the left should have same diode readings. If not, what could be else to check?
It an OLED Nintendo Switch, with Instinct NX V6 Modchip installed.

Btw do we have the pinout of the tegra x1? I got the technical reference manual, but i am unable to find the pinout.

I cannot post any images nor i can edit my post:
The cap at sys is 0.07 while the one above is 0.17. The multimeter has generally an offset of 0.1.

Most of the time it is the m92t36 loading ic, although the values ​​are correct, it could be that it is shorted and I am able to overcome the damage, try to see what happens, good luck