Started getting screen flickering after 2 weeks of play?

Is this a GPU issue? I’ve had my ps5 two weeks now and it’s ran flawlessly, no fracturing or artifacting on any games, however yesterday on boot up I had some screen flickering for some reason, I went to settings and lowered my resolution from 2160p to 1080p and that stopped it. I switched right back to 2160p after and it was still fine. No issues. I turned the console off and back on again and the flickering was back. This time I changed my TV itself to “game mode” and that also made it stop. Anyone know why this happened? Should I be concerned about it happening again? I just find it strange this started now after I’ve had the console 2 weeks with no issues, but I feel like it would still be there after switching to game mode on the Tv if the console was the cause. Thoughts? Suggestions?

Have you tried a new hdmi cable? Also, when the screen flickers does it just turn black, or does it turn white with a bunch of weird pixels on it?