Stencils Reballing

Hello, I’m going crazy, buying stencils to reball the ic bq24193 and M92t36, now I have ordered a redmi note 9, because of iphone nothing, for the other ic if I have used iphone, but for these 2 ic I can’t find it, If someone can tell me what model of mobile phone they have used, since the one they sell in alix from nintendo switch does not come for these 2 chips.

Thank you very much for this forum, thanks to you in these 3 days that I have known the forum, I have learned a lot with plate repairs for nintendo switch

Neither bq24193 nor m92t36 are bga ics. There is no need for a stencil.
The pins from these two qfn ics are accessible from outside if placed on their location.

I would be curious though if anyone does know of where to get a stencil for these IC’s as even though it’s not needed I would much rather prep these ICs with paste off the board and wick the board clean and install that way. Doesn’t matter how good the manual prep with iron is, it’s never going to beat a good solder paste and stencil in terms of evenness

Same goes for the USB pads on the board, I’d love a stencil which has the same pad count and pitch to get them all perfect on the board prior to install

I have ordered one of the redmi note 9 that seems to have a very similar one, I will tell you, but from here it will arrive for about a month

Cool, be interesting to see, thanks :+1:

For the m92t36 qfn40 5x5 0.4 mm pitch:

For the bq24193 qfn24 4x4 0.5 mm pitch

Sweet, cheers man

Now all that’s left is P13 stencil and USB, I’ll keep my eyes peeled

Thinking about it, might be worth just making a mock PCB with all these parts in one and get the corresponding stencil together using JLCPCB or something, last time I ordered it was pretty cheap