Stick clicks after I swapped thumbstick sensors

My controller is having the sprinting issue and I’ve fixed it for numerous controllers before but this time when I replace the sensor the whole housing gets thrown out of wack and starts sticking on everything. when I close it when I hold down on the stick it makes a very hard click. I tested this on a broken controller and the same thing happened even if I didn’t replace the sensor, just open and close it and both sticks on that one have it now. The right stick on the functioning one is fine though and there’s literally no difference in how i took the sensors in and out and now I’m at my wits end with this.

Fixed it. For furtue reference to anyone who finds this when popping in the sensor the white vertical axis can get pushed off a little blue tab. Easiest way for me to get it back on was to pull it back then push the thin white loops in the center down to push the axle over the tab back in place.