Still WLOD after replace HDMI Port and IC and short ciruits

hello everyone i have a problem with a ps4 slim from a customer.
it was brought in with a broken hdmi port. but it has a short circuit on the right side on all pins also on the ic. I exchanged the ic anyway there is still a short circuit i have already measured everything but i’m starting to despair maybe someone knows here and yes the filters are all ok and the fuse is ok too

on the picture the right side from chip are short to ground the left side is ok

Does the short go away with the chip removed?

no the short is still there
i check caps diods etc filters fuse

OK, and what is actually shorting out?

Try cleaning up the flux mate the board is coated in it it might be shorting something

Pull chip, post photo. I cannot see shorts on caps or diodes with chip off. I have had an issue like that before. Ended up being shorted (big) cap on bottom left side of IC based on photo. I found this out by removing the IC and testing everything.