Strange noise while in game

I have a PS5 with strange noise while in game. At the homescreen everything is fine. In game I can hear a clicking noise like on old hdds. Depending on the screen/menu/cutscenes it changes.

Here I mad a short clip:

I replaced the PSU and tried without fan. But it doesn`t change anything.

Any ideas where I should take a closer look?

Is it coil whine from psu? What model ps5 is this? The 1115a and 1215a are more prone to coil whine during higher current draw because of cost cutting in psus. Do you have a dc load you can try on fhe psu to see if its the same sound?

It is no coil whine from the psu itself.
I took the psu out of the shell and reattached the psu with a cable to the mainboard. So mainboard and psu were apart from each other. Result: the clicking noise is on the mainboard side.
The PS5 is a 1016a/1015a model.