Strange Power Problem - looking for advice


I want to mention that I’m not a native English speaker. Also I have a lot of experience with hardware (computer, console, phones, tvs etc), but I’m not an electrician or electronist, so I’m looking for an advice/opinion for my strange (kind of) issue.

Before you read, this is not an heat issue. Console is in open space, cleaned, with new thermal paste (kryonaut) and thermal pads 1mm thick.

My PS4 Pro it’s a 7016 model with the original PSU in it

About a year ago I purchased it second hand. It was never opeend before. I’ve opened it to replace the thermal paste and during the process I’ve ripped the PSU connector from the mobo. Got it fixed by a friend who soldered some wires from the otherside of PCB to the underside pads of the connector. The console worked without problems until 2 weeks ago.

I decided to replace the thermal paste and pads because it was getting a bit loud for my taste.(also bored from the pandemic situation). I was afraid of that connector so I kept the cable in place after I’ve tried to get it out 1-2 times. It was a little bit hard, but I’ve replaced everything. Put everything back, no power.

Opened the console again, checked the psu connector, it moved a bit so I tried to put it back in place and voila, PS4 was back on again. It worked for about 2-3 hours, than instant shut off and no power (no beeps or leds). Left it over night, nothing. Opened it up again, checked the connector, again worked for like 10 minutes and then no power.

Left it alone until today when I’ve seen a new method for that cable and decided to have a go at it. Firstly I’ve tried to power it and no luck, than I’ve opened it and removed the cable this time, checked that everything was in order (thermal paste/pads), assemble it back and it worked for like 10 hours playing Kingdom Come in 2-3 hours sessions.

Than I’ve decided to take a break, put it in rest mode, turned it on again and after 10 minutes dead, no power.

I’m gonna replace those soldered wires from the PSU connector today to see if this will solve the issue, but I’m asking you, could this be a PSU issue (I’ve opened it, everything ok, nothing burned, nothing melted), an APU issue (desoldered or mounting pressure related) or maybe a power cable or power socket issue?

If there is a way to test the psu I would like to know. I live in Europe mainland (Romania) and there are exactly 0 PSUs available here.

So as I’ve said, I’m just looking for opinions if someone has encounterd this type of issue with the PS4. It is possible that the psu connector could cause this? I mean it should work for 2-3-10 hours and than just stop from that only?

Thank you and stay safe.