Strange PS4 overheating problem

Hey , I am writing from Croatia. I have strange problem with my PS4 slim.
So , even after I cleaned my fan and heat sink and replaced thermal paste, PS4 turns off with “ too hot “ message. But what is interesting, that message pops up only minute after turning on the PS4 and appears only if some app hasn’t been updated. After updating , everything works fine. I know solution is to update everything but this problem is very annoying and I havent found anything about it on the Internet so I hope someone here knows what the problem is and will answer. Sorry for language mistakes and thanks in advance.
Best regards , Josip

Check and see if you put the ram pads on the ram chips

I am missing two pads

Thanks for answer, I will see if the problem is fixed after I get new pads

That probably why it overheating

Omg, so today I replaced the pads and it’s working normally… thank you very much for your help

Yeah no problem I repair game consoles for a living that what I do

if you ever need help just ask around some ppl could help you out if you dont put the pads on the ram chips those chips could overheat and you will get not a good connection on your motherboard