Strange wifi/bluetooth issue since firmware update

First of all thanks for your great channel. That’s what really got me to the point where i have to take a closer look at this. If I would live in the US I had my console sent to you already but I live in Germany and do not really know a trustworthy repair shop here…

It is a really strange issue that my PS4 is suffering from.
It started more than a year ago. I did not use the device for almost two months. I sat on my couch pressed the PS button, the device booted and asked for a firmware-update to version 6.50 (yes I do remember that precisely. The old firmware was already in the 6.xx range).

After that I could not ( and cannot ti this day) remote start my PS4 with any of my controllers. I have to get up, hit the start button on the device itself. After the system is booted up my controller connects flawlessly, no lost connections or anything.

The second, actually really annoying part is that the WiFi connection quit working in the exact same moment. The update was downloaded through WiFi, but after the installation it simply quit. I get an error message why trying to connect through WPS (NW-31367-0), another one whey I try AOSS (NW-31353-5), and when I want to establish the connection manually, the console gets stuck while Checking the network environment (not sure what it actually says in english mine is german)

The one thing that really ticks me is that the PS4 does not even search for a connection, as soon as I hit the point in the menu it jumps to the error messages.

Now I have a network cable across my living room to make it work. The wired connection works flawlessly, all the updates since have been installed without an error message but the functions never came back. I cannot accept that apparently Sony broke my console with one of their firmware updates.

I never dropped it or anything. Of course I reset the System in all the published ways, reinitialized the database, hand-installed firmware via USB Stick etc….

Nothing helped.
Do you have any Idea what could be the issue or am i actually lucky that it works at all?