Strange WLOD issue

I am new here and yet I’d like some help from @tronicsfix if possible. I have two PS4 Fats with WLOD. One has been gutted by previous owner (no PSU, no HDMI port, one HDMI pad and one trace ripped). I bought two MN86471A HDMI ICs from China, PSU here in Czech Republic and I managed to repair this awful one to full working condition. The hardest part was the ripped pad underneath the HDMI port, but I managed to do it. The other one is giving me headaches as I spent whole day working on it with no outcome.

As I said, it had and still has a WLOD. The previous owner said it just died one day for no reason, but who knows. I replaced the HDMI IC only as the HDMI port was intact. Still WLOD. I replaced the HDMI port too, because who knows, it might have an issue. Still WLOD. I did find the HDMI pin 18 was shorted to ground due to a Zener diode being shot. I desoldered it (it is just a surge protector anyway) and nothing. Replaced it with known working one from the other PS4. Nothing. I even desoldered both HDMI ICs and swapped them as I thought one of them might be DOA because, you know, China. The issue persists and the other console works still fine.

The only thing that baffles me the most is that the HDMI IC is working correctly and the HDMI port is fine too. When connected to any display, the HDMI handshake works fine (no “signal lost” message or anything like that), but the output is just pure black image. No sound either although the optical output is working like a charm. Booting into Safe mode doesn’t do anything new except it changes resolution to 720x576, but the screen is still black. I checked the data lines to APU and output to HDMI port with oscilloscope and everything looks OK. The data is being sent, but only a black image and no sound.

Needless to say I am out of ideas. The only way now is to compare each resistor, capacitor and diode one by one and to check all the traces and vias if there is any fault. If you have an idea what might be wrong, I’ll be most grateful for any insight.

And sorry for my bad english, you know, it’s not my first language.