Stripped "SCREW" and corroding heat dissipation plate

I couldn’t clean or change my internals(thermal paste) for the past 2 years on my ps4 slim because of a single stripped screw which lost its screwdriver grooves. Also the heat plate on the back started corroding.

I would try a tiny bit of superglue between screw driver head and the head of the screw. Don’t glue the screw to the metall plate it is holding. :wink:

Why was i thinking about circuit welding and weld screw on top of the stripped screw and not about superglue damn i will try fr sure.

ibb. co/D8TYFDs
ibb. co/MPJzmJh

grinding tool and flat head driver

Isn’t that an overkill for a screw of that size

Try using an elastic band between the screwhead and screwdriver