Stripped Screws (not the head)

I have a gamecube I just bought used online that I want to open up. The 4 “security” screws that hold the two shell halves together are spinning with resistance as if they’re unscrewing but they aren’t actually backing out of the hole. I think the people that had this gamecube used too much torque when putting the screws back in and broke the plastic threads on the console.

Despite all 4 screws showing the exact same behavior (spinning but not unscrewing) the two halves are firmly held together as if the screws are not stripped and they’re properly doing their job.

I registered here because I’ve seen the YT videos several times and I’m a big fan. This was the first place I thought of to ask for competent help on this subject.

I was thinking a drill press might be able to get a straight drill path on the screws. I tried w/ a hand drill and it wasn’t going to work, the bit wanted to go between the screw and the plastic which would have just torn up the console.

I hope someone can help, thank you.

I’m going to do what people don’t do most of the time when asking forums questions. I’m going to come back and tell you how I fixed my own problem.

I bought a small diameter ceramic tile hole saw (milwaukee brand). This was small enough to go down into the recess where the screw was and it was also big enough on the hollow end to go around the screw head. This allowed me to remove the plastic from the case that was holding it together with very minimal damage to anything. All of the screws are preserved and now I’m going to figure out a way to make a **good repair on the spots I drilled.

I am also 3d printing a replacement case for a contingency plan right now.