Stripped screws on metal case


    Problems with ps4 slim t8/t9 screws

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<H2 align="center" style="font-family: 'comic sans' ; "> Ps4 T8/T9 screws are stripped even though I never opened my ps4 slim I bought in store

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I wanted to open up my ps4 to clean it, also because   
My disk drive also seems to have some problems so   
So I did what any reasonable person would do open it 
Up and fix the issue my disk drive has a less then 1% 
chance to take in a disk but will always spit it out 
upon button press but strangely enough when I was 
trying to remove the t8/t9 screws only one came out 
mind you this was with ease because I got a brand 
new screwdriver kit (manual and torque) but for 
some reason the other two screws won't come out 
(they look stripped even though I never opened my 
ps4 slim and it was store bought at Walmart)
after attempting a few more times I never say it move 
even the slightest I then took of the warranty sticker 
and unscrewed the screw there easily so I will now 
try some needle nose pliers to see if I can remove 
them as for the disk drive will have to see when I can 
actually access it :/