Stuck at Logo No 3rd party hardware

Thanks in advance.

Went out and bought animal crossing the day after its release. Played for a few hours then went to sleep, woke up and my wife was playing. Daughter switched profiles and then the switch said there was an error and restarted has since been stuck at the Nintendo Switch logo and will go no further.

I have tried depleting the battery completely multiple times, nothing. I even bought a brand new battery and tried that thinking maybe the battery check was stopping it from loading, still nothing. I opened it up and checked for shorts, everything checks out fine. Only thing I didnt check was the wifi chip because I didnt wanna unplug any ribbons. I have never used any 3rd party hardware ever. I only used the Dock and Charger that came with the switch when I bought it. I cant start the switch in Safe or Recover mode as when I hold the volume buttons nothing happens because it gets to switch logo and just stays there. My wife and kids are starting to go crazy so would like to fix this. Nintendo said they would fix it but due to the virus there are no foreseeable repairs. If anyone has any idea of what I can do or something else to check it would help so much. Also should note that before I bought animal crossing that my switched hadn’t been turned on for a few months, but like I stated earlier I did play the night before and the morning it stopped working.

Update even further. I tried starting in Safe Mode since RCM isnt working. After initial nintendo logo the screen goes blank and the switch logo doesnt show and neither does safe mode screen. Now I’m really starting to think its software issue? is there anyway to reload the OS onto the switch? I dont want to jailbreak it because I want to play online. Like I said any help is greatly appreciated.

Bump. used tinfoil to make my own jig and attempted to load lakka or something that wouldnt ban me just to check wifi. Once in RCM tegra doesnt recognize anything is connected so thinking my switch is patched. Still cant get the safe mode or recovery mode to work. Anyone have any luck solving this issue yet?

Well make sure your switch is actually patched. You can Google “is my console patched” and enter the serial number from there. If it is then you should check for shorts around the motherboard and see if you can find a bad chip somewhere. If it isn’t patched still check for shorts but you have the option of downgrading the firmware and updating it offline to see if you can at least get it unbricked.

I checked online before I tried injecting a payload. Online said it was possibly patched. Tegra doesnt recognize my switch when in RCM. Also I have already checked the mother board for shorts and found none. I’m really at a loss for what to do/try next. I really appreciate your response tho.

You could try and reflow some of the more important parts just to see if that gives it some life, I have yet to fix my bootlooped switch so if I find anything I’ll make sure and update you

Even when its patched you should see the switch in Tegra RCM as connected. It might not be able to receive a payload due to the fact that its patched.

Ok took forever to get the output voltage meter in mail because of the virus, but plugged in my switch to see what it’s doing. I get 0.46 at first like it’s supposed to but then it jumps to 0.78-0.84 range fast charging is supposed to be around 1.15 is it not? Does that indicate it’s one of the 3 chips that have to so with the battery/charging?

I’d recommend getting a multimeter and diagnosing the motherboard capacitors to see if there’s anything faulty with the chips.

My switch was stuck on boot loop, currently in the midst of fixing it.

Already did that all the caps checked out.

I’m having a similar problem- check your M92T36 chip and your battery chip and see if they short. I do recommend cleaning and re flowing the solder on your board (other people’s advice to me)