Stuck at Nintendo logo, did reflow of wifi chip and APU, still same

I purchased this Switch Lite as defective, in the hopes of fixing it. It seems like some previous work has been done to it, as I can see burn marks on the USB C port, but the mainboard looks clean. It doesn’t seem to charge the battery, even though the battery sign shows the small charging icon. It takes 15V 0.6A when not powered on. When powering on it takes 0.9A and stays at the Nintendo Logo until I turn it off. No immediate shorts found, and also did a reflow of both Wifi chip and APU.
What is next to try? Could a dead charging IC keep the console from booting?

Update, it seems to take a charge, so charging IC is not dead. Still stuck on boot though.

Have you hard-reset it? After you get to the logo screen, hold down the power button. If your issue is indeed related to the wifi chip, you’ll then see an orange screen. Try that and then report back if something happens… or not.

If upon hard resetting you get an orange screen, watch the current draw. If it gets stuck at .371A, then it is due to a faulty Bluetooth/Wi-fi IC. Rather than reflowing it, go for a brand new one.

Hey, no orange screen. It just turns off, and when I turn it on again, it just loads to the second Nintendo screen again…

What’s the current draw upon hard-resetting it? Does it stay at the same value or does it float wildly?

That behavior is normally associated with a bad M92 chip. Same goes for 0.06A or 0.12A @12 or 15V. So there’s that too. If I were you, I’d go for the M92 chip first. If that doesn’t do the trick then think about the wi-fi IC – OR, double check that the USB-C port has no issue (test the fuse, measure voltage from it).

Just took a video showing the behavior. The video is with battery connected. No crazy fluctuations, currently it only draws 0.075 amps whens off, but the battery is probably fully charged. See video: / JXRMSGCvx1dy3o8e6

Remove the two space on the side of /

Without the battery connected, the switch turns on, shows the first logo, and turns off. Power draw is 0.06A and the 0.123A before then turning off.