Stuck at nintendo switch logo

I had a system come to me with no boot. Pulling .06a so I tested and the caps around the charger IC were shorted. I swapped it for a known good IC and now the unit boots and charges. It gets past the “nintendo” logo however it gets stuck on the “nintendo switch” logo. I’ve tried vol - and + to go into recovery mode and that also doesn’t work. I tested RCM and it is a patched switch so I don’t suspect any user caused software issues. 2nd battery does the same thing… Caps all show no shorts now when tested… anyone have any suggestions?

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Hey there,
it certainly sounds odd. What does the console do, when you try to enter the recovery mode (not RCM)? And you are certain that the button combination you are applying is correct? Do you have a known good switch to test it on? Just an idea…

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Did you fix something?

Nope, didn’t get this one figured out

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You changed M92T36 and BQ24193 ?

Change on both and it will work. So I had one who did the same and I changed them both