Stuck on 2nd logo (Switch Logo) sometimes

I have a switch from my friend. It 50% power on stuck on switch logo, but 50% is fine and can play game. I tried to reball wifi chip but no luck. Anyone can help and suggest the checking procedure?

this is patched soc, so i think my friend can’t do any hacking on emmc. I tried to update nintendo os version but no luck too.

you mean you did reball ic and put back but no difference?
Try another new wifi chip

Was WIFI not working to begin with or were you seeing error codes?

Is this why you decided to reball the WIFI IC?

Just ask because getting stuck at the second logo doesn’t automatically mean it’s a WIFI issue, a few things can cause this.

willing to learn the details

Yes, tried 2 new wifi chip actually with same result. power on usually fine, but sometimes stuck on 2nd logo.

I can’t see any error code, once i can go to system os. the wifi icon is ok, and i able to update my os to 11.0.1. can play game for few hours. which havn’t any error code. seldom can’t boot up once i restart the system.

It’s probably not wifi IC related.

Can you take a hi res photo of the board front and back with the EMMC module removed so I can inspect.

bluetooth and wifi is ok once i can boot normally and play online game

Sorry I can’t really make anything out from those images, it just breaks down when I zoom in.

Whats resistance to ground at pin 6 of M92 IC

No ground at pin 6 of m92. It seems normal

Sorry you misunderstand.

If you put one probe on ground and the other on pin 6 what resistance do you measure in ohms

418 ohms on the stuck logo board, another normal board is 408ohms.

That’s not good, should be in the 10’s of K afair.

Bear with me and I’ll check

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