Stumped - nothing on lcd, works docked on tv, ideas?

Hi i’m new on here big fan of the videos! :slight_smile:

So my Switch issue…

I repaired a number of Switches before no problems with various faults etc, but this one eludes me i bought as faulty/broken off ebay…

So the battery was gone first so I removed that and use my testing one. The touchscreen is working on the display because tapping the screen i can here the noises.

So my guess was that the screen digitizer or backlight was the issue. I used another known working Switch facia with screen connected that but alas the same issue nothing on the lcd but docked works fine on the tv.

So i’m thinking there is something wrong with the board, there is no water damage seems to be in good order. I’ve tested some of the obvious things with a multi-meter etc.

Just now i’m scratching my head as to what to check next?

any help would be great and appreciated.


It sounds like the backlight is not working. I would check the backlight circuit. Has the coil continuity and is the diode ok. Its on Side-A of the mainboard in the middle on the right edge.

ok so the central IC U14 with 9 pins above is missing from the pcb doh! So tiny i didn’t notice until under the scope.

I have a reference board i’m comparing with.

That will be it i think?

Hello my friend, I have the same issue with my switch. Is yours fixed ?

Thank you for your answer.

Wasn’t there a trick to run on the switch and use a torchlight ? In case something is seen on the LCD using the torchlight it it an great indicator that backlight is not working… ?