SU 41283-8 + Liquid Damage

Hey everyone!

I’m fixing a console for someone, ran into this. They spilled water on the console some weeks back and it finally gave out.

He initially just reported the code it was throwing and that it wouldn’t update. I found the liquid damage. I cleaned it as best as I could but it’s still not updating. The erosion is quite bad.

Is it worth taking his chip and putting on a donor board? I run the risk of the chip not functioning. I don’t know that I have many other options.

Thanks in advance!

just make sure that donor board has same model number… !

You can try just to supply the board by an external source as it is (or even clean a bit more and check if you see any paths or parts which can be shorten). This method is less precise, but if there current is relatively small it can be a sign than the master chip can still work (check if the chip has correct voltage on the supply pins).

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thats what i would do, also probably some fuses and other elements will be blown because of shorts… you’ll have to to random testing all over the board…

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