SU-42118-6 error

Hi everyone.
PS4 with the SU-42118-6 erro code when turning on. It does not enter the system. It goes direct to safe mode and SU-42118-6 shows up when trying to boot a recovery USB drive.
Hard drive is fine and I tested other HDDs. Disc drive flat cable is fine and I tested a different one. I also transferred the dis drive board to a known working drive and same error.
It seems like indeed the disc drive is not being powered on. Of course, it also does not take discs.
What would be the first step to find the issue? I know on slims and pros I could check the famous F6202 fuse, but not on the original PS4. All fuses I can see on the main board and on the disc board are fine.
Any help is much appreciated.

I would check the data cable and its connetors from the disc drive.

I checked these two cables with a multimeter. Both seem to be fine.

Does this fuse (red marking) has continuity?

Yes, it does have continuity.

It seems that the disc drive gets no power. But I have no more ideas because I have no ps4 original to check or look at.

Exactly. But every issue I find like this is for slim or pro models, mostly with the F6202 open.
Let’s see if anyone else chimes in.
Thanx anyway.