Suggestions for a good multimeter

Hello folks,

I am looking to get a good multimeter for board diagnostics. I was wondering if you guys had any suggestions for features that I should be on the lookout for that I may not know I need now but will regret not getting. Or, if you just know of some good models to look at, I’d appreciate that too.

Here are a least a couple of features that I know I would like to have but I’m sure there are many more that you have found useful that I’m just not thinking about:
-Auto ranging
-At least 2 decimal precision for resistance
-Measure temperature with thermocouple
-Whatever is needed to measure SMD capacitors so I can get replacements

UT61E is by far the best budget multimeter with specifications which far outweigh others at this price point.

A useless feature to have integrated within a multimeter… your better off buying a cheap dedicated K-type thermocouple unit on ebay for about a fiver.

The meter above is suitable for this. Though it’s worth mentioning in circuit measurements cannot be accurately achieved by any meter and as such you’ll have to take them out or circuit.

You can get tweezer style probes for any meter which make life slightly easier for out of circuit passive measurments though, more often than not, I can’t be bothered plugging it in and use the standard probes