Surface Pro 7 Odd Display Behaviour

Two days ago while writing in onenote, the display on my 3 year old Surface Pro 7 just froze up with thick lines of digital noise covering a large part of the screen. After restarting the computer it can’t get past the Microsoft boot logo. Video output using the USB-C port is completely fine, but although it lists two displays, windows shows the built-in display as greyed out (disconnected?).

Tried: All types of force-restarting, draining battery, booting to BIOS (can’t display it)

I suspect part of the screen is broken for some reason, but what puzzles me is the boot logo? Obviously the LCD isn’t broken if it can display the logo without problems. What I’m wondering now is what part of the computer is responsible for showing the Microsoft boot logo on the display?

  1. Is it the OS or BIOS? (In this case, this would mean the screen can accept a signal, right?)
  2. Is it programmed into the display board shown in this guide: (can’t include links. ifixit surface pro 7 display replacement guide)

In the second case, I suspect a screen replacement wouldn’t necessarily resolve anything if the display board has lost its signal in or out?