SW Lite bunch or caps shorted underside RAM after damaged USB port

Hi, received SW Lite with broken USB port for replacement. After removing port i’ve checked short on M92 18pin cap (VDDIO). Then, removed BQ to check if short is gone with no luck. Then started to poke around caps and found bunch are shorted on DDR rail. Switch was never opened before and no liquid/corosion marks. Does that mean DDR is gone? Can damaged USB port cause that? What else to check? Thanks

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shorted caps marked here: ibb. co/vh228fh

The SOC on the lite usually has very low resistances and your Meter Might beep in continuity Mode. Maybe you should check the resistances.

Of you install good BQ and a good Battery, while the switch turn on (without the M92, it should Boot but Shows an error then)?