Swap SoC nintendo switch v1

I have a Nintendo switch HAC-20 which is working fine, but doesn’t connect to the PC, rail D + and D- give me values of 0.42 and 0.62 ohms to ground, but I suspect that the SoC is in faulty because the pins on the first connector were very bend and capacitor below mt92 is shorted, the switch works well as I said, I have a donor board HAC-21 with a working SoC, I was wondering if might be possible to swap th SoC and EMMC, I have experience soldering and reballing BGA chips but I never reball an APU before, I do it by hand and I don’t know if would have patience and ability to do so, and I there’s a high risk to lose a Nintendo that works, anyone here did something similar before, I’m would like to share ideas or opinions, thanks!

This is the doner board

I don’t think it’ll be the SoC tbh. Have you tested any of the IC’s for shorts?

I believe I read Severance say somewhere you can swap eMMC and SoC across switches.

I already changed mt92, p13 and bq, and I got values with them off and that cap is still shorted, it just charge with a original charger and is not recognised for any pc, I tried different cables and nothing works

Where is the other half of your Board?

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The APU on your donor board is not in the correct orientation :innocent: the triangle should face the center. I don’t know if I would trust it to be still working.

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I swapped several SoC from board to board. Success rate something around 50%. It is a pain i*** job to place all solder balls correct even with a good stencil and in the end it is a coinflip that the SoC does’nt loose intern connections at the desoldering with temperatures around 210°C.