Swapping ps4 disc drives?

Hello all! I hope you are well through these trying times. I was hoping to talk to Steve from Tronics but i see how swarmed he gets with questions. I’m hoping someone could help me. In a video posted by tronics, in Dec 2015 Steve talked about swapping disc drives. He talked about it in the disassembly video for ps4 model CUH 1215a. He said its never been done (5 years ago) and I was wondering if someone has or may know? I have 2 ps4’s. My model 1215a does not have a working disc drive. Is it possible to take my disc drive from the ps4 model CUH 1115a and swap it with the broken drive? Thanks! If you know anything or could help me please contact me on here or email me, my email is
Thanks again!!