Swapping RAM modules

This is quite an advanced question, so I’m not expecting an answer but thought it was worth asking just in case.

I swapped the LPDDR modules on a switch board as the ones on it previously were not testing fine in circuit, repair went well and i have no issues booting HOS if going through Hekate, but when using stock bootloader it won’t boot.

Checking the HW & Fuses section in hekate and it will display Hynix memory on the left but samsung ID on the right.

The Ram was originally Hynix brand and the replacement was Samsung from a donor. I don’t recall ever having issues swapping the ram on other boards in the past but then again, i don’t ever think i changed the vendor from one to another and always kept them the same as original.

The assumption is the info displayed in HW & fuses relating to memory - on the left in Hekate is stored on EMMC and the info on the right is info taken from the chips hardware register/s and when attempting to boot with stock bootloader it’s hanging up due to the mismatch.

So i suppose my question is, has anyone ever successfully swapped the ram from one vendor to another? or does anyone know at which offset the the vendor info is stored for memory on the EMMC so i might edit it to properly reflect the change in hardware.

Alternatively, if anyone has a donor board with SKHynix memory installed and would be kind enough to send the IC’s my way it would be appreciated, in return you welcome to also send through a challenge board that your perhaps struggling to diagnose/repair or it you want me to reball any IC’s etc I’d be happy to do so :slight_smile:

I was just gonna buy the SKHynix memory online, but can only seem to find the IC from china but it’s > $20 per chip and it simply outweighs the value of the board. I don’t have a single board which uses SKHynix so can’t even pull it from a working or donor unit even just to test, it would seem they’re far less common than the Samsung IC’s.

Hi Severence. Sorry been busy and hasn’t got chance to play with my broken switches.

Glad to send it ur way if I have it. What board version is it or just look for wording on the ram? Will check the ram when I get home tonight

Both board I have don’t have the skhynix brand on it. Actually both don’t have any branding on it. Just sets of numbers n letters.

What board it it.

The two I have is had cpu 01 and hac cpu 21


It sounds like your boards are using the Samsung Ram too but thanks anyway.

It seems the SKHynix modules are rare accross all revisions.

My programming skills and understanding are seiously lacking but looking over the Hekate source code and it seems to indicate DRAM_ID is obtained from a fuse count (on Soc?) and i see no reference to it obtaining it from the EMMC, so I don’t think the ID will be found there and cannot simply be edited afaik, it would aso appear Hynix requires/has a different set of memory timings.