Switch 0.50 amps and charging after replacing M92T36 but won't power on

Hello folks,

I am trying to resurrect a regular Nintendo Switch that someone had tried to work on before (there were caps and resistors moved to just one of their pins around the M92T36 chip). I put all of them back into place, didn’t find any shorts around the chip, so I’m not really sure why they were moved out of the way in the first place. Meter had 15v and 0.01amps draw when I tested it and 0v on pin 6 of M92T36. I replaced the chip with a new one and now the unit seems to be charging at 15v, 0.50amps and I see the voltage on the battery increasing as well to match.

Now I am trying to figure out what might be preventing this thing from powering on. Any suggestions as to what I should be checking next to see what the trouble might be? I have replacement P13USB and BQ chips if need but like to avoid just swapping chips out for swapping chips out’s sake if possible.