Switch 0A charging after changing m92t36 and pi3usb

Hi guys, I got this switch as the title says. The first problem I saw was that the cap on top the pi3usb was shorted, so I changed it and it got fixed (still no power no charge); looking around again I’ve found another shorted cap on m92t36 so I’ve changed the IC and that got fixed too but still no charge. When plugging a battery or power supply it turns on for a few seconds showing the logo and shuts off. Only one time it booted and showed error 2101-0001 and never got that far again. I’ve did some measurements on the usb c port and some lines have strange values. What should I do next? Change port or check something else?

Measure ur point that u show 0L in pic in diode mode with battery remove. If that 0 still then rework m92

I’ve changed the m92 again and resoldered the pi3usb and it worked again :+1: