Switch and Switch Lite board layers

Thought this might be useful to some people who haven’t seen it before
it has all the Switch and Lite layers with the ability to put marks on the page to follow a pad or trace through the layers. I’m finding it very useful and I didn’t make this so all praise to the original creator


Yes. This has been a phenomenal resource for me and has helped me debug a few of my rainy day boards. It gets us one step closer to community built schematics.

If be up for supporting the effort, but would need some guidance on the right (free) tools to allow a collaborative effort…

Kicad or Fusion 360 (which has eagle incorporated) though I’m not sure if fusion is still free :thinking:

I started the process of doing the board outline ages ago and the 3D model view of it and I think placement of the USB and a few other components… though I will say I was creating the board based on measurments… the better solution would be to scan the board with a CCD scanner and grab create the outline from a 1:1 image (I’m not sure if the sites scans are going to be usable as they have been enlarged, otherwise they’d be perfect for this). The other trouble is in order to create the boardview you first have to create the schematic… I would much rather create the boardview first and in turn create the schematic from that but it doesn’t seem like any tool wants to work that way round…

Anyway, if anybody wants the incomplete and slightly janky models I made you are very welcome to them :smiley:

I did briefly start trying to re-create a schematic in Eagle, but didnt get very far.