Switch backlight lit but nothing on LCD

Hello everyone, so i got a nintendo switch from a friend for free, so far so good.
(Ofcourse it was faulty otherwise i wouldnt have gotten it for free)

So everything seems fine except it doesnt show anything on Screen.
If i turn it on the backlight is lit but nothing is appearing on the Screen/LCD.

I switched it into an Case with an known working LCD and battery but still same issue.

Charging Seems fine it slow and fast charges aswell. And also couldnt find any board damage or shorted caps etc. LCD Connector also seems fine no bend pins same with the flex cable.

Anyone got an Idea of what else to check ? Losing my mind a bit here :slight_smile:

Based on your board revision you might have choke filters installed which goes to the connector.
They are simple coils, should have lines going thru without shorting to each-other.
Yours will be right between LCD connector and CPU.
Same we have near P13USB IC.

Also i had few boards which looks like have no bent pins, but turned out that bottom row pins were bent and some times it’s very hard to spot those even under the microscope.