Switch backlight powers on, and garbled lines appear on the LCD

I have a water damaged Switch. The battery appears to be charging, and there are no shorts anywhere. I discovered if I put it into recovery mode that the screen goes from just black to having a bunch of odd horizontal lines on it, which I believe means the screen is bad, also not a surprise.

It does NOT work in docked mode either, so my guess is that’s the PI3USB chip, since it controls the HDMI etc.

So if I replace the screen and digitizer and PI3USB chip do you think it will fix it?

Again, NO SHORTS on any chips at all.


Hi Jeff,

I had an Switch with the same issue a while ago, not water damaged but only the backlight worked. I then checked the whole board with multimeter and found no shorts… Then after hours of headache i checked the LCD connector and it was dirt and a bent pin, so i replaced the connector and after that the display turned on, so to be sure replace the connector first, its the cheapest alternative and if its not help it only cost you like 4 dollar.

Just FYI, it turned out to partly be a dead battery and also a video connector that someone had slid the ribbon cable into but had bent pins etc. It also wouldn’t fast charge on both sides of the USB-C so I’m replacing that as well. I’m hoping that’ll let it work in the dock at least. If not I’m going to start replacing chips. Power Delivery, then Pi3. No shorts, but doesn’t mean chip isn’t bad.