Switch Backlight turns on RCM Mode and now?

Hey, i have a switch here, i completly checked the mainboard ,
mq92 Pin 5 VCC 3.3 Volt
Pin 6 3.3 V
Pin 9 VB 5 V
BQ Chip works well too and the battery charges as well,fuse is okay, filters are okay

But the backlight is not turning on, finding no mistakes, so i used a payload (attached a pic) and now the backlight turns on and i have the options_
Launch firmeware
Console infos
Reboot in RCM Mode --> triedybut was black
Power off

what should i do now, want to fix it

dont hesitate to ask me questions, corona time, i have time here


Are You able to ‘Launch Firmware’ from a SD card like hekate?
What does show the option ‘emmc’ in ‘Console Infos’?


if i launch with firmware from SD it works, hekate starts and then i can boot it with atmos and i can play games and all, but to boot with the normal nintendo firmware how i can do it?

If i go on hekate and boot with emmc doesnt work…? What can i do? that the normal nintendo bootsystem works?

Do You get any informations from the NAND?
What displays the Switch if You choose option ‘eMMc’ in the menue ‘Console Infos’ on TegraRCM?
Are You able to mount ‘BOOT0’, ‘BOOT1’ or ‘rawNAND’ with the Memloader? (CAUTION! Do NOT format as USB device)