Switch, black screen but works ok docked

Hi Guys,

So I purchased a switch with a cracked srceen off eBay, as I have another switch with a working screen I put the eBay board into my personal switch with working screen hoping for a quick fix.

I still have a black screen (in hand held mode) I can see the back light, the touch functions work and sound.

From what I can see it appears that no work has been done to the board.

I have briefly checked the caps around the ic’s for shorts (one probe on ground and both sides of the caps) I have not yet found any…

Any help appreciated?

After reading on this forum, I decided to look at the lcd connector, I do not have a microscope so o have used my camera zoom, in one photo I have removed the “flip lock” from the connector, from what I can see, I have a few bent connectors!

I have replaced this type before so I will give it a go, hopefully nothing else is damaged from a short from these pins. I guess this does explain why the switch works docked on the tv.

I can confirm that the cause was a damaged lcd connector. Now working.