Switch black screen with sound after a few minutes of playing

I had to replace LCD, Touch, Battery, earlier for a repair, and last the fan (I also had to resold the left speaker wire, first time soldering just in case it helps). When it happens I get sound, can move joycon, and the fan is spinning. After a few seconds I can press power and it goes to sleep mode, then I can press power again and it goes back to normal. A few seconds later it’ll happen again.
Compared to a video from digitalfoundry, the temperatures are okay, fan speed as well (I tried increasing fan speed but it still turned into black screen)

Here’s a couple seconds before the screen goes black:

update: I think it was a software issue, I reset the console and it seems to be working

Interesting. I have one of these that only does it if it is not in flightmode.

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Really? Is is exactly the same, play a bit and get black screen with sound, then if you sleep the screen after a bit it works again? Because after resetting I played for a couple days and now it started acting up again!

I tried flight mode but it still happens for me.