Switch blackscreen, can't boot to hos, but accepts payloads

switch can’t boot to HOS, it can boot to hecate and accepts payloads, though it hangs on atmosphere logo if you try to launch it. autorcm is disabled so it should boot to OFW but only blackscreen. a week ago it was booting up normally. fuse count matches. emmc module looks good. no shorted component cap on emmc module.

  • was able to do a full nand backup( boot0/01)
  • dumped valid prod keys.
  • can enter rcm using jig

my guess is this is hardware issue, but no idea where to look first.

Yeah for sure.

I suppose you could attempt to boot L4T Ubuntu and verify WiFI and a few other things and fialing that I would hazard SoC related, most likey joint issues - these old unpatched board are just at that age now

I got the same issue with my console, I tried to install Linux but it also gets stuck at the Linux boot logo. I was going to see if WiFi was working, but can’t even boot it, any suggestions where to look next?