Switch blackscreen/ no bootlogo after Shanefix repair

So, recently my switch stopped working on the dock and would hard freeze when placed on it and i decided to have Shanefix try to repair it. When he got it he told me the system was not working at all and not detected by a computer,which i find odd because the system was working perfectly fine other than the above mentioned.I was able to back up the nand and everything before sending it off for repair.
He told me that it could be dead cpu or something came loose and he replaced the chips for the USB C control and P13USB but still could not get it to work.
I get it back and it is able to charge just fine and i am able to load up Hekate on it through PC so its indeed working.I verified that the EMMC and CPU are being detected. verified my switch specific BIS keys(to verify motherboard mismatch) but i can not get it to boot stock OS or Atmosphere. When the system is off it does not show the battery icon that its charging (system is currently 100% when loading Hekate), and when booting it does not even show the switch logo or the backlight.
The screen is functional because i can see everything in Hekate. Does anyone know what this issue could be or what to check for.
I checked for continuity last night and the only short i could find was the big resistor beside the LCD connector.

I know he didnt intentionally break my device but like this wasnt happening before i shipped it off.

Its not letting me edit but it was the M92T360,and P13USB and he reflowed the ram chips
Or his words “Battery management chip, Charge chip, and video chip.” and claims the CPU is dead.