Switch board, black screen after first boot logo

Hi all!

I have a board here that… honestly I dont remember what work I did on it previously, if anything, it was just in one of my boxes so I took another look at it this weekend.

I plugged it into a screen for an initial test, and it booted up to a 2101-0001. As such I swapped out the M92T36 and plugged it back in. This time it booted up properly, but I had been using a screen where I had fixed the backlight cable and it failed, so I had no backlight.

I moved it over to a different screen, and yup, it was happily booting up!

I went back to the other unit and re-did the backlight cable fix, and once done moved the board back over. But while the screen seemed happy enough, now it was not getting past the first boot logo.
I have since moved it back to the other case again, but not working there either.

It seems clear that something has gone wrong just by attempting to fit it in the case. I check around the edges of the back of the board, and did find a tiny resistor missing by the realtek chip. I tried to swap it with the one on my donor board, but lost it. I found another nearby and fitted that, but it may be the wrong value. Eitherway, it is still not booting.

I will see if I can measure the resistor on another board and compare in a bit, but any ideas what I may have done to cause this given that it was actually working fine ( as far as booting at least )?

Hmmm, I just tried getting my laptop to pick it up in RCM mode with emmc removed (and it didnt). Then I attempted to boot into normal recovery mode (and it did). So I then tried a normal boot and its managed it this time…

I guess something is up with it though right?

sounds like m92 wanted to fail again.

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I had this same problem and luckily it was the M92 but i did replace it, the new one was faulty but i didnt know so just for the hell of it i replaced it again and it worked. symptoms were when plugged in would show charging logo then when enough power was gathered id start it but itd show the nintendo logo then turn off or go blank. other than that, it could be an issue with the battery itself or from what i understand some LCD have a tendency to stop it from booting, never had it happen, but it is a troubleshoot for this problem.