Switch boot issue, power button issue

i have a nintendo switch that when you plugged the battery connector, the switch boots up automatically, then shutsdown after the second nintendo switch logo. as if like the power button is held…only time i can have it steady on home screen is by booting the unit by plugging it to a wall charger… but removing the charger, sleep power options popping up on the screen and, then shutting down again. any ideas where to check and how to test it. testing the 4 pins on the power button, power button pin not shorted to any other pins. TIA

Hmm, ok, what is the resistance to ground on each of the 4 pins?

from top to bottom pin order. black probe on ground. here is what is showing on my multimeter. vol - vol + works on homescreen… sleep/pwr button not working.

pin 1- 161 ohms
pin 2- 0.6 ohms
pin 3- 47 kohms
pin 4- 23 kohms

it seems i have low resistance/short to ground on pin 2, upto the alternate test point pad just above the SOC. which probably causing the power button to act on its own, just by connecting the battery terminal.

I would look at pin 1, on mine thats 6M, where 2 is ground.