Switch charger missing pins?

I’m working on a switch which had bent pins in the charging port. The user said she has used only the dock to charge the switch.

The dock pins seems to be fine. However, I inspected the charger and noticed it’s missing some pins. Do you know if this is intentional and why some chargers have all the pins?

The left connector is from the left charger. Do you reckon the left connector is safe to use? Edit. Picture seems to be upside-down, so the right charger is from the left connector


Yeah there doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to which pins they choose to populate. I have several genuine AC adapters and some have all the pins and others skip some, then another will skip a completely seperate pin etc very strange.

If none of the pins are physically bent and the metal end is physically fine (some will break away from the PCB inside the plastic cover) then it should be safe to use.

You can test the voltage on a USB breakout by following common USBC pinout or alternatively plugging in and measuring the voltage directly on a donor board

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Just add, if you were to cut one open you’d only see 4 wires, 2 grounds, 1 positive and a green cable (haven’t yet tested what it is) so it’s just +/- and a lot of the pins are redundant.

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Ah, didn’t notice that to begin with but on closer inspection, it seems theyr’e manufactured by differen’t companies, one is made by Delta and you can see a basic pinout printed on the case, the other is made by Zebra(?)

Which explains the difference in connectors. Delta will be the higher quality one and the other a cheaper stripped down variant.

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