Switch charges slowly and code 43

Trying to fix my nephews Switch because he busted up the charging port, and it charges but super slowly. I had replaced the port. When I hook it up to my PC, Windows says code 43 descriptor request failed. I checked where all the lines go to and they all seem fine. The M92T36 doesn’t seem to have any shorts. Over night it got 15% increase in charge. I also can’t get it into RCM mode, because code 43. Any ideas of what could be wrong? Maybe it’s the D- D+ lines? I have no idea where those lines eventually go to.

I would check if both lines (D-/D+) have a value (~0.800 V diode mode/~6 Mohms resistance)

In diode mode 2 and 3 show a little over 800 while one wire is on a ground. I decided to try changing the M92 chip, because I’ve read that when people screw up the power connector it’s common for this chip to fail, even though I tested no shorts. Now it doesn’t even charge, and the VBUS test point that usually shows 5V is not showing anything. 5V goes past the fuse but beyond that I have no idea why it cuts off. I got the M92 from Amazon. I think I put it on correctly.

If you have no charging after m92t36 replacement I would check the soldering of the m92t36.

I used a soldering iron to check again and it seems to charge, but when I turn it on it shows Error Code 2101-0001. This is actually progress because before it wouldn’t always turn on. Now it always does this.

Took off the M92, and just wicked away as much original solder as I could. Put new leaded solder and melted it back on. Turned on the Switch and panicked because it gave a 2153-1542 error code. Rebooted and it’s charging. Gonna wait and see if it charges quicker than before, then I’ll see if it gives the code 43 in Windows.

Good news. The Switch is charging fast and Windows detects it and installs drivers for it. I guess that means the M92 chip was indeed bad. Not bad enough to short as it’s commonly known on the internet, but bad enough not to charge fast or to allow communication with a PC. Now to see if this continues over night.