Switch charging, backlight OK but no display and weird lines

Hi, I have a switch that wasn’t turning on and wasn’t charging (0.0A). I found a short on BQ, desoldered it but the short was still there. I found a bad cap next to MAX chip under the Soc, replaced it and no shorts anymore.

I soldered back the BQ chip and now it charges, the backlight is working but I have no image displayed on the screen. It does not dock either but takes charge 0.4A and I can see it has booted up because when I click the power button the backlight turns on or off like if it is going to standby or waking up. And I can’t here any sound when I am touching the screen.

Also very weird sometimes I have lines on the screen when I play with the power button.

I did have a slightly bent pin in the lcd connector, but bent it back and now it is ok.
I tested another screen and exact same thing.
I have tried another screen and it does the exact same thing.

Also when I try to dock, there is nothing on the TV and no green light.

Has any of you had a similar issue ? Or maybe somebody knows where the fault could come from ?


Here an image of the lcd connector :

I would suspect either that lcd connector or the ic left of that connector

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Ok thanks, I will look a these components when I will have the time.

So I changed the LCD connector and the switch is working now. Thanks