Switch Dock Charges But No Video, No Green Light

Having watched a fair amount of TronicsFix during lockdown, I got the inspiration to try and see if I’ve learnt anything. I recently picked up a Switch and dock at a good price. The Switch is fine (just needed thumbsticks replaced) however the issue is the dock.

The dock happily charges the device and the screen even turns off as it was correctly docking to a TV, however there’s no video output. I’ve tried the Switch on a different dock and it’s fine.

As I said this is new to me, as such I am yet to pick up a multimeter (just yet) or any serious soldering equipment (just basic for wires). As such I’d like to just pick up a board to replace what’s in the dock. However I am unable to tell if its the mainboard, the USB-C connector, or the ribbon cable.

I was hoping someone may be able to give advice as to what may need replacing, so that I get the right part the first time. I realise I should do all this myself but I haven’t got everything quiet yet so I am hoping with the following information you guys might be able to help:

  • Dock charges Switch
  • LED light on Dock not on
  • When HDMI is plugged in to TV/Monitor the sources refresh as if something is plugged in but then get no signal

Thanks guys!

HOW do you come up it charges the console but not led on LOL

you need to check PI3usb area if console on handheld mode working fine

Money on prior repair of USB or failed USB connector.

If you have a breakout you can test

Ive fixed a lot of 10x.

I would rule out the usbc n ribbon first by swapping with a working switch.

After that i would focus attention in the m92t17(solo chip on at the bottom of board)

And the bigger center chip on top of the board(there 3 chips here on too , the center bigger one has fail on 3 of the 10)

I measured in diode on a working board n compare to the non working board